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Do you have trouble opening or closing your windows?
Do you consistently find moisture on your windows' interior?
Is cold air seeping in or are you paying excessive electricity bills?
Does it seem noisy in your home?

Does it seem like your artwork, or furniture is fading?
Are you still using storm windows?
Do your windows leak?
Are your windows rotting or falling apart?
Do your windows look as beuatiful as you want them to?
Do they lock and open easily?
Do your windows match your home?

Window Replacement

If your home is older than 15 years, it's probably a good time to check and make sure your windows are still operating correctly. 

Here are some qualifiers that you wish to considering for window replacement:

Just like your washing machine, refrigerator, or roof shingles, over time, your windows and doors need to be replaced. To help you through the replacement process, JP Home Exteriors can provide you with all the answers and details you will require to assess replacing your windows in your home and provide quality service when you are ready to act!

For clients who have damaged roofs, we will handle your insurance company for you. We specialize in working with insurance companies, so you don't have to. If you would like more information on our roofing services, you can contact us at 303.961.5319. We look forward to hearing from you.

Don't wait any longer to have your roof inspected; talk to JP Home Exteriors today!