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JP Home Exteriors did my siding back in September 2016! But the

process began back in Jan of 2015. It was nothing to do with them

as to why it took so long to finalize. I was just wanting to get a few

more quotes before I chose a contractor to do the work. I shopped

around for a year and half and every other company was pushing

me to go with them and they were quite a bit more money.

Jasen the owner met with me in Jan 2015 to give me a quote. I

told him that I would like to get other quotes and he encouraged

that I do that. The whole time I was looking at other companies

Jasen kept in contact with me and was very patient with me. With

being in the construction industry myself I know how pushy and

impatient some contractors can be and how it's all about the money. It was not that way with Jasen, he told me to take my time cause this was a big purchase!

After shopping around and researching the other companies I was still at a loss as to what I was going to do. So I called Jasen and asked if he could stop by and talk. Jasen came over that night and could tell I was still up in the air with my decision. He took me to look at some of his other jobs they did so I could the workmanship. After that I knew that I wanted JP Home Exteriors to do the job. Jasen kept true to his original quote from the previous year and we signed the contract a few weeks later. They started in mid September and were very nice and respectful of my family and I. I was updating my service at the time they were working and they were very easy to work with. Jasen also came out two to three times during the week it took them to do the job and make sure it was to our liking. Thank you JP Home Exteriors for the beautiful work you did on my my house.!

Tyler S.


This was the third company I contacted when I went looking for new windows and paint, and the only ones that called me back.

Working with Jasen and his team of professionals was fantastic. I was able to get new windows and siding at an affordable price- what I had thought new windows and paint would have cost after talking to other companies at local fairs. Jasen took his time explaining the different options and the good and bad on all of them. He didn't try and push us into things we couldn't afford and explained where we could safely use a less expensive product and where we really shouldn't. The installers were professional and friendly and careful to return things the way they found them. I highly recommend them for siding and windows. We will also use them for our roof when that gets replaced. 

Cheri M. 


We worked with JP Home Exteriors to replace our roof, patch some siding, and to paint the exterior of our house. We had a great experience and our home looks amazing now! Jasen worked with our insurance company and even came out for the adjuster's inspection so that insurance didnt try to cut corners. The people who came to do the work on our house were great to work with. The roofers took just one day to replace the entire roof and they cleaned up so well that you would never know they had been there. The siding and painting took a little longer so we actually got to know Julio and his team pretty well. They were friendly and were very careful to avoid damaging our garden. While most of the siding and painting were immaculate, they were very willing to fix areas where we noticed the paint needed a touch up or an extra coat. Days after they left I noticed a piece of siding that looked a little crooked. I was nervous to ask them to come back and fix it, but eventually decided to email Jasen a picture of the board. That same afternoon Julio was back and he fixed the board cheerfully and without any hard feelings. I was very impressed at how willing they were to fix anything that "just didn't look quite right." It is very clear that JP Home Exteriors values their costomers. From beginning to end they did everything they could to make sure we were proud of our home. We will definitely be using them again to replace our windows and fix some concrete.

Gina H.

February 21, 2011


          My wife and I wanted to extend to you our sincerest appreciation and gratitude for the roofing job you and your company did for us. We are well beyond pleased with the end result. Our roof is beautiful and we know it was done right. And the gutter inserts are excellent. The best part is that if we were o have an unexpected problem in the future I feel completely confident I could call you for resolution.
          Beyond the roofing repair there was so much more you did for us. We had procrastinated over a year in getting our roof replaced after one of our infamous Colorado hail storms did its worst. M main hesitation was finding a company that was reputable and that would walk us through the entire process of having our roof repaired. Not only sis you "shoot straight" with me from the beginning about what needed to be done, how much it was going to cost, and what our various options were, you also communicated with the insurance and mortgage companies in a timely and professional manner. And they weren't exactly quick to take care of your needs. Thanks for your patience.
          When it came time to have the roof installed, I was pleasantly surprised how quick it went. Two days from beginning to end. The crew was polite, they worked until dark (and beyond one night), they cleaned up around our property and they did a skillful job.
          My wife and I personally have known you for years and we would definitely count you among our dearest friends. However, doing business with friends can be risky and unsettling. I say with a smile, it was never that way with you. You did a first class job. I commend your professionalism, your tenacity, and your willingness to see it all the way through.

Thanks for taking care of me, my family, and our home. Of all the things that keep me up at night, my roof is not one of them.

Good luck in business. Keep up the good work. I wish you and your family much prosperity!

Kirk D Shore
Littleton, Colorado

Dear future customers:

          I have a 100 year-old house in the Sheridan, Colorado area. In the spring of 2012 a hail storm damaged the rood and it needed replaced. The insurance adjuster said that the insurance company would replace the rood. That started the search for a contractor to replace my homes rood. I had several contractors come and give me estimates. That is when I was introduced to Jasen. Jasen is a very personable individual. He said that he would work with the insurance company to make sure that my home was brought up to the current code of Sheridan.

          The existing roof was a composite type rood with shake shingles under it. The shake shingles were help on by 1x2s. This meant that all of the existing roof and wood needed to be removed and new decking installed. This was not in the insurance company's estimate and Jasen assured me that he would have it done to code.

          During the rood and decking replacement the inspector wrote a stop work order on the permit because of the plan to install the shingles on the flat part of the roof. He said that they shingles would not work because there as not enough pitch on that part of the roof to accommodate the proper run off. The roofer suggested that they would install a batter type of sealed roof, then cover it with a flat sheeting to match the color of the pitched roof.

          Jasen approved this solution and the inspector passed the inspection. The roof on the out building was also replaced the siding needed power washed and painted where the hail did some damage and the removed roofing had hit it. Jasen approved this to be done. I am very happy that Jasen was able to work and charge the insurance company's original estimate and repair the roof and house to code.


To Whom it May Concern:

          I write this letter in recommendation of JP Home Exteriors.  I had the pleasure of working with JP Home Exteriors on the installation of a hail damaged roof on my rental property in 2011.  They handled all aspects of the insurance claim and acted as point of contact with the insurance company. Throughout the course of the roofing job JP Home Exteriors's representative was a consummate professional and because of this experience I contacted them later in reference to the replacement of a broken widow.
          The representative arrived at the vacant rental property to conduct his estimate and immediately noticed another window had been broken into. Without any hesitation he reported the break in to the police department and waited for the police officer's to arrive. He then contacted me via telephone and informed me of this situation. I am very grateful for his actions on this day and I recommend JP Home Exteriors highly and without any reservation.

Herbert Myers