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There is no doubt that vinyl siding is one of the most popular siding materials on the market. What are the other options though? There are many different materials used when it comes to siding, including:

  • Cedar material
  • Composite materials
  • Metal (stone) materials
  • Rock materials
  • Stucco materials
  • Fiber cement materials
  • Vinyl materials

There are several benefits to vinyl siding materials, especially when it comes to cost. It is a low costing material, which is why customers should stay informed when choosing a contractor. Understanding the costs of vinyl siding will prevent further sales tricks and deceptive contracting. It is a low maintenance material, not requiring any paint. The materials are made from a PVC plastic, which won't rot or flake.

The low cost and easy maintenance makes vinyl siding a popular choice, but it must be installed correctly to be effective. If you have a sub-standard contractor install your vinyl siding, it could be a huge mistake. We will help you asses your neighborhood's style to ensure that you choose the right type of siding for your home. You can trust that your siding will add value and beauty to your home when you hire JP Home Exteriors.

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In recent years, vinyl siding has become more and more popular. It is the most commonly used siding siding in the nation; however, this can be dangerous, as many salesman try to pressure individuals to pay outrageous prices for their siding services. Many people don't know the general costs of siding materials or services, so they get pressured by sales tactics and the promise of quality. In the end, they are disappointed with the lack of craftsmanship and durability of their home's siding.

At our Littleton home remodeling company, we are committed to offering excellent workmanship at reasonable prices. We never use pushy sales tactics or upsell our clients. Our team provides you with the siding services you need at a price you can agree with. As a locally-based business, we treat each client like a neighbor. We want to improve the quality and value of your property, adding more beauty to community neighborhoods. Our well-trained crew is here to help you with your exterior project, including soffit or overhang installations. We also have a wide range of architectural accents that can add value to your home. If you want new or custom shutters, we have the resources to meet your needs. Our team is also capable of installing additional insulation inside your home for energy efficiency.

Why is vinyl siding so popular?

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